Alta Head Start launches Storytime Fun series

One of the foundations to the Head Start program is preparing children for success in school. And reading is fundamental to success. With this goal in mind, we’re launching a new series on our Facebook platform to share our joy and appreciation for reading with Storytime Fun. 


Storytime is important for brain development, even for babies who don’t talk yet. When you read to a child, they are connecting the words you say to the pictures on the page and to the things in their world. Those brain connections are helping to support their development. 


Additionally, reading stories to children is a great way to expose them to a rich variety of words. And we know that the quantity and quality of language that children are exposed to is linked to their vocabulary development. 


Consistency in reading is also important. Parents and or guardians are encouraged to make reading a part of a daily routine as children thrive in predictable, routine environments. Additionally, reading the same books over and over will allow children to predict elements of the story and learn through that repetition. 


With Alta Head Start’s Storytime Fun, you can make reading a routine part of your week. Every Friday, we’ll feature educators from our Alta Head Start classrooms sharing a story followed by a fun interactive activity you can do at home with your little one to reinforce concepts learned from the story. These videos will be housed on our Facebook page where you can also rewatch them with your young ones. 


Not only will you get a chance to get to know our teachers a little better, you can pick up tips and tricks on how to read to your little ones, which books are great for certain age groups and extend the learning beyond the end of the book with activities. 


We can’t wait to see you for Storytime Fun at