Lowellville Avengers Delight Alta Head Start Students

In what has become an annual tradition, The Lowellville Avengers recently paid a visit to Alta Head Start, and it was a wonderful day for students and teachers.

The Lowellville Avengers are six high school students portraying superheroes who exemplify good character traits such as respect, fairness and honesty. The student superhero group is a part of the Lowellville K-12 schools’ Character of Excellence program, a school-wide initiative to encourage and challenge students to develop positive character traits.

Robin Carlos, a health, physical education and wellness instructor with 24 years in the school district, began the program as a way to promote positivity in a world she saw as becoming increasingly negative. The children at Alta were encouraged to dress as their favorite super hero for the visit. The Avengers spent time at our McCartney, Camp Challenge and Renaissance locations.

During the visit, The Avengers read a story to the children and answered questions they had such as “What do superheroes eat?” and “Do superheroes brush their teeth?”

Each year the Alta children look forward to visiting with The Lowellville Avengers. Thank you, Avengers, for spreading your kindness with us!