Alta Head Start Classes Emphasize Good Nutrition

Children with happy faces eating tasty and nutritious foods…what could be better?

Our Alta Head Start and Early Head Start kids are able to learn about good nutrition while enjoying the best examples of it, thanks to the generosity of The William Swanston Charitable Fund.

A generous grant from the Fund enables Alta Head Start to buy locally grown produce. This in turn makes fresh fruits and vegetables available for both educational classroom activities and for purchase by students’ parents at our Farmer’s Markets, using the “Alta Bucks” they earned by volunteering in classrooms.

In this way, children are introduced to foods they might not normally be aware of, while learning about the importance of good nutrition. At the same time, parents are able to supplement their meals with these fruits and vegetables at no cost, thereby saving their money for purchasing turkeys, hams or other main items.

Our grateful thanks to The William Swanston Charitable Fund for making this possible.