Many Program Enhancements Set for the 2017-2018 School Year

In our ongoing effort to provide the absolute best learning experience and environment for our Alta Head Start/Early Head Start children, we will be implementing the following enhancements to our program for the 2017-2018 school year:

Right Response Techniques

We will be training our staff and implementing ongoing teacher support and training in basic and advanced skills in four key areas: Prevention, De-escalation, Postvention and Physical Safety.

Child Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE)

We are training staff in this trauma-informed practice that can be used by adults who interact with traumatized children, focusing on connecting with children and increasing their positive behaviors.

CARE utilizes a set of techniques for giving children and their caregivers effective positive commands and the use of selective techniques to redirect problematic behaviors.

Practice-Based Coaching (PBC)

This is a process for supporting teachers’ use of effective practices that lead to positive outcomes for children. The coaching components are:

  1. Planning goals and action steps
  2. Engaging in focused observation
  3. Reflecting on and sharing feedback about teaching practices

Quality Improvement

We are installing video cameras, both inside and out, at all sites to use as a quality improvement tool. This will enable teachers, educational assistants and education supervisors to use real-life situations to proactively develop enhanced educational and social-emotional development strategies.