UPSTREAM helps kids get ready to learn

UPSTREAM is a home-based literacy and social/emotional program to help children from preschool through second grade improve their reading and literacy skills and be socially and emotionally ready to learn.

UPSTREAM provides:

  • literacy skill-building activities involving colors, numbers, letters and cutting skills, developed for a child’s own level of need
  • free books and craft supplies for children
  • meeting times planned around family members’ schedule, either at home or another convenient location
  • programs that will enhance, not replace, services or programs a child may be currently receiving

Preschool program

UPSTREAM Parent Mentors work with children and parents so they are prepared for kindergarten — providing a wide range of support services, including activities parents can do with their children to help them learn to read and/or to help get needed services for any special needs.

Free books, art supplies and/or school supplies a child might need when he/she begins kindergarten are provided. Parent Mentors also meet with parents several times a month throughout the preschool year to help children get ready for kindergarten academically and socially.

K through 2nd grade program

Parent Mentors work one-on-one with parents and their young children to help kids transition into kindergarten and then follow them through second grade. Individual literacy plans are developed based on a child’s deficits in key reading areas. Children will also learn to identify and cope with their feelings and emotions to behave more appropriately in school.

The Parent Mentors encourage and will help parents talk to their child’s teacher by setting up meetings and/or attending parent/teacher conferences until the parent begins to feel more comfortable doing it themselves.

To learn more about the UPSTREAM program, call (330) 793-2487.