Shelly Burns

Education Manager

I have been with the Head Start program for 24 years. During this time, I have held various positions within the Education Department. I have served as the Education Manager since January 2018. I have a Bachelor of Applied Science in Early Child Development from Youngstown State University.

I manage the daily operation of the Education Content Area to ensure that Head Start Performance Standards are implemented and achieved. I am responsible for supervising and supporting the Education Supervisors as they assist and support the teaching staff in the classrooms at Head Start and Early Head Start Programs. My goal is to provide both formal and informal opportunities, training, and exploration of new concepts and skills to all education staff — through individual, small and large group learning experiences that include strategies such as observation, coaching, mentoring, modeling and classroom learning experiences. We want to ensure that teachers in our agency are well-prepared to give children in our community a solid foundation to get them ready for their future.