Federal Review Finds Alta Head Start in Full Compliance, with No Deficiencies

We’re proud to announce that, following Alta Head Start’s first comprehensive federal review during its initial 5-year grant period, we were found to be fully compliant in every area measured, without a single area of non-compliance and no deficiencies.

The review was conducted by the federal Office of Head Start (OHS), which uses the Head Start Monitoring System to measure the performance and accountability of Head Start programs across the country. OHS looks for compliance with the Head Start Program Performance Standards, the Head Start Act and other regulations. The focus is on performance, progress and compliance over a period of five years, and the assessment is made using off- and on-site reviews, with findings disseminated through formal monitoring reports.

OHS uses three review topics in its evaluation process:

  1. Focus Area One: Understanding the Approach to Program Services
  2. Focus Area Two: Understanding Performance for Continuous Program Improvement
  3. Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS®)

Focus Area One is simply the time when reviewers collect information about the Head Start system being evaluated in order to get to know the program before they complete Focus Area Two, so there was no scoring for Alta Head Start in this area. We were reviewed under Focus Area Two and the CLASS scoring system. The monitoring report we received was from Focus Area Two. We are awaiting the results from the CLASS review.

According to OHS, the Focus Area Two evaluation is “an opportunity for grantees to demonstrate their effectiveness in implementing a high-quality program to promote positive outcomes and school readiness for children and their families.”

We are grateful for the many efforts of Alta Head Start teachers, administrators and parents that helped us secure this positive evaluation.