Five Fun Things to do with Children during the Summer Months

It’s summer — that time of year when Head Start teachers bid farewell to children, hoping their gleefully escaping learners don’t forget everything they’ve learned during the program year. It’s also the time of year when nervous parents take on the challenge of keeping their children physically busy and mentally active during long summer days.

Here, courtesy of The Gravely Group, are some great ideas to suggest to your families for summer activities:

  1. Make homemade bubble solution and experiment with such unique bubble-blowing tools as strings, milk containers and garbage can lids.
  2. Create musical instruments from materials found around the house.
  3. Catch a firefly and research about them online. Or read a book, such as Fireflies by Sally M. Walker, to help your child learn more about them.
  4. Plan a family activity day with your child. Decide how much money to spend, and help your child research events and activities in your area and choose an affordable activity the whole family can enjoy. Remind your child to be sure to allow enough time for the activity, and to remember to include food in the day’s plan.
  5. Hang a white sheet outside at night and shine a light on it. Keep a list of all the bugs that you attract.

We hope you have a great summer. Here is one of our favorite quotes:

“We didn’t realize we were making memories — we were just having fun!”


The Gravely Group is an experienced national consulting firm that provides innovative technical assistance for boards, program professionals and parents of Head Start agencies across the country.